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Joining the Raspberry Laundry family equals unlimited earning potential.

The laundry and dry cleaning market is one of the top ten fields for making millionaires (source: Why? Because there will always be dirty clothes – and a market for cleaning them. People pay for convenience. The changing face of the Philippine workplace means there’s now far less time for essential household chores :

More women are working full-time – why should they come home after a long day at the office to wash and iron?
Domestic help is becoming more difficult to find.​

​Running a laundry is simply expanding on your usual household chores – no special skills required.

A Raspberry Laundry Franchise Works Really Well

The Raspberry Laundry opportunity is smart, simple and effective.

Limitless growth opportunities
Fast return on investment
No hidden costs or nasty surprises
Solid business plan and 24/7 support

Owning a franchise means going into business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Enjoy independence with strong support and benefit from tailored, proven branding and a product or service which is already established and has a solid track record.

Raspberry Laundry offers the benefits of franchise ownership, without common penalties and hiccups such as hidden costs, punitive franchise fees or restrictive conditions.

Going Solo – With Support
Key considerations are covered well before you’ve invested a cent.
The Raspberry Laundry tailored business plan guarantees a phenomenal end product.

Laundries makes money